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To fulfill the requirements established by the FAA and fly an aircraft with an "N" number outside the USA, the aircraft must be 75% owned by US citizens. The same 75% citizenship requirement has also been established by the US Coast Guard prior to documenting a vessel. 

As an International client** (not a citizen of the US) to protect your aircraft or yacht and meet these requirements you will need US Registration through a Delaware Company & Trust Structure.

Purchasing an aircraft or yacht is a huge investment and requires a lot of thought. There are several possible options available, other than deciding on the type of aircraft yacht or cost. The legal ramifications including asset protection must be considered.

AMG can help register your aircraft with the FAA providing citizenship, entitling it to operate anywhere in the world flying with the "N" number. If you own a yacht, AMG will provide you with the paperwork and citizenship to document the yacht with the US Coast Guard.

An aircraft is eligible for U.S. Registration if it is not registered in another country and it is owned by:

  • a U.S. citizen as defined in 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 47.2.
  • a Resident Alien (foreign individual lawfully admitted for permanent U.S. residence
    a U.S. governmental unit or subdivision
  • a non-citizen corporation lawfully organized and doing business under the laws of the U.S. or one of the States as long as the aircraft is based and primarily used in the U.S. (60% of all flight hours must be from flights starting and ending within the U.S.)
    an address for all records or flight hours must me available for inspection
  • An aircraft may be registered only by and in the legal name of its owner. 
Why Incorporate in Delaware? To protect your personal assets one should own an aircraft or yacht as a Corporation. More than 850,000 business entities have their legal home in Delaware including more than 50% of all U.S. publicly-traded companies and 63% of the Fortune 500. The benefits of organizing and maintaining a Delaware Corporation or Delaware Limited Liability Company are as follows:
  • No minimum capital is required to form a Delaware Corporation or Delaware LLC.
  • Corporate records can be kept anywhere in the world.
  • It is only necessary for one person to act an officer, director and/or share-holder of a corporation or member of a Delaware Limited Liability Company.
  • No formal meetings are required and shareholders need not be U.S. citizens.
  • Ownership of Delaware corporations or limited liability company is strictly confidential and affords privacy.
  • Any legal business may be conducted in Delaware.
  • There is no state income tax for Delaware corporations that operate out-of-state (Note: however, a Federal Income Tax with the IRS must be filed annually)
  • The Delaware Court of Chancery is the oldest business court in the country and uses judges instead of juries.

The state of Delaware is recognized as having a favorable tax climate with 

• No Sales tax
• No Personal property tax
• No Intangible property tax
• No Stock transfer tax

AMG provides professional and confidential services to protect our clients as permitted by law. All information is classified and will only be released with our client’s permission or by court order.

  • We offer personal and considerate services.
  • There are no hidden costs or fees.
  • We work with clients worldwide providing them with legal and useful information on owning, operating and registering their aircraft or yacht.

** Please note, we can not establish a company, accept your application, nor open a bank account for you if you are from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Western Balkans, Burma, Liberia, Zimbabwe or if your name appears on the OFAC list of blocked persons or companies. That list can be accessed from this link found at List of Specially Designated Nationals and blocked Persons

Click here to get started or request additional information on our Trustee Services for Aircraft Registration for International clients. Call us at (561) 459-3460.

Enter two choices of name(s) for your new Corp. or LLC. We will check the name "At No Charge" and email you the results.


To change to Global as your new agent click here. The fee is $224.00 and includes the agent fee of $90.00 and all state filing fees. Remember, we have been in business for over 41years.      Apply Now


We now offer yacht registration for pleasure & commercial yachts in the Marshall Islands.

Disclaimer: You are responsible for making sure that all documents submitted for the purpose of opening an are suitable for such purpose and otherwise legally sufficient. This includes, without limitation, ensuring that the documents are properly dated, executed, and certified where appropriate. ASSET MANAGING GROUP, INC. reserves the right to retain any moneys it receives if there is positive evidence of fraud or any other material civil or criminal infractions by the applicant. Intentional falsifying or withholding of information may subject the applicant to prosecution under the laws of the State of Delaware and United States. In select cases, ASSET MANAGING GROUP, INC. may be obligated to share  information with appropriate state and federal authorities. Once a Corporation or Trust have been filed with the state there are no refunds applicable.

ASSET MANAGING GROUP, INC. is a Delaware corporation. We do not offer legal or financial advice, however we do have partners who offer this type of service. The use of our phone numbers on your web site or your corporate stationary is prohibited.

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